Kleravitex Goat Milk Ampoules Leave In Conditioner For Dry and Fragile Hair Pk. 36

Mystic Goat Milk Ampoules Leave In Conditioner For Dry and Fragile Hair Leche de Cabra (10ml x 36 ampoules per pack) We all know Goat’s milk is rich in protein, calcium, fat, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and phosphorus which makes it a great beauty product.If you have dry and brittle hair, this goat milk ampoule will make your hair smooth, silky and healthy. Mystic milk ampoule is formulated exclusively for dry and damaged hair.it’s an excellent conditioner for dry hair and scalp. The protein in goat milk helps in strengthening damaged hair.Its a dry hair repairing ampoule made of goats milk, which deeply revitalizes the hair providing them strength and volume .It hydrates and nourishes the hair thanks to its high content of conditioners, that leave your hair silky and with a lot of shine. It is especially beneficial if you suffer from dryness of hair. It is one of the best cleansing and conditioning treatments you can give your hair.This hair ampoule is great for women with curly or kinky hair that tend to suffer from dryness because often, shampoos can cause dryness which of course leads to breakage so Mystic goat milk ampoule is a perfect solution for your hair thanks to its highly content of proteins and vitamins, that leave your hair silky and with exceptional shine!Easy To Use:Apply one ampoule over clean damp hair, massage product into hair.Benefits:1.Healthy Hair2.Deep Conditioning3.Treats Dry Scalp4.Fixes Hair Breakage5.Treats Split Ends6.Anti-frizz7.Improves Hair Growth8.Strengthens and Restores Damaged Hair9.Gives Hair Shine & Volume10.Increases Hair ThicknessADD TO CART
  • GOAT MILK AMPOULE: Mystic goat milk ampoules leave in conditioner is formulated exclusively for dry and damaged hair. ampoules new intensive repair formula made of goats milk for dry, fragile and rebellious hair deeply revitalizes the hair providing strength and volume to the hair strand.it nourishes and restores damaged or dry hair giving them a healthy shiny look while promoting natural hair growth.
  • PROVIDES NUTRIENTS & VITAMINS: Goat milk ampoules for hair reinforce healthy hair structure and treat weak & brittle hair.Incredibly effective in giving essential nutrients and vitamins to your hair which help them grow healthy and strong. Mystic milk ampoule gives the hair follicles nutrients that they lack which translate into the weak hair regaining their strength.
  • PERFECT FOR DRY HAIR: Works deeply to repair dry and damaged hair. Formulated with clinically proven ingredients rich in protein, calcium, fat, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and phosphorus it targets damage and cracks in the capillary strand, fills them completely and restores damaged hair. Mystic hair treatment ampoule for men and women restores and strengthens the damaged surface of the hair, resulting in enhanced shiny healthy hair.
  • DEEP CONDITIONING: This goat milk leave-in conditioner for hair is both simple and effective.it adds natural moisture and conditioning to your hair. With high concentration of proteins and vitamins, it also moisturizes your scalp making your hair look shiny and smooth.Helps in restoring your hair's natural integrity.It prevents hair loss and enhances the texture, shine and softness of your hair.
  • STRONG & SHINY HAIR: This goat milk hair ampoule prevents hair loss and strengthens your hair resulting in healthier hair. It improves hair health, manageability and elasticity while giving them a beautiful shine. It contains hydrolyzed milk and rice proteins which help to restore damage hair caused by the use of chemical treatment, sun exposure, sea water and color. Effective on all hair types.