KLERAVITEX Instant Hand Sanitizer - 70 % Ethyl Alcohol Citrus Scent With Moisturizer and Vitamin E. - 8oz.


KLERAVITEX Instant Hand Sanitizer - Antibacterial Gel - Citrus Scent With Moisturizer and Vitamin E. - Perfect For Home, Work, Office, Schools, Gyms and More... MADE IN USA !!!  Our Hand Sanitizers Are Effective At Eliminating More Than 99% Of Common Harmful Germs And Bacteria In As Little As 15 Seconds.* Use To Decrease Bacteria On The Skin That Could Cause Disease  help Keep Your Family And Those You Care For Kill Germs On Their Hands. Washing With Soap And Water Is Not Always An Option And Can Be Harsh On Skin Usingkleravitex Instant Hand Sanitizer Is A More Convenient And Gentler Way To Kill Germs. Place Our Bottles In Your Bathroom, Kitchen, Home Office, Gym, School, Office, Doctors Office, Hospitals, And Many Other Places....

Kleravitex Instant Hand Sanitizer Is Effective At Eliminating More Than 99.99% Of Many Common Harmful Germs And Bateria In As Littler As 15 Seconds

Protect You And Your Family From The Latest Bug Going Around. Vital Hygiene Tool For Teachers, Gym Enthusiasts, Communal Work Areas, Sales People And Other Jobs That Put You In Contact With The Public.

Citrus Fruits Acts As A Preservative, Chelator, Ph Adjustor

Decreases Bacteria On Your Hands To Help Prevent The Spread Of Germs And Leaves Behind A Fresh, Clean Scent

Skin-friendly Aloe Formula That's Mild On The Hands Leaving Hands Feeling Soft And Fresh


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