Kleravitex Milk18 Leave In Conditioner Anti Frizz 8.11oz.,

KLERAVITEX Milk 18 Leave In Conditioner Hair Detangler Cream Treatment - 8.11 oz Anti-Frizz Bottle - Deep Conditioner Hair Repair Protectant for Dry and Damaged Hair - Leave In Conditioner for Curly Hair and Natural Hair - Men, Women & Kids KLERAVITEX Milk 18 Leave In Conditioner in an innovative capillary hair repair treatment that helps repair, restructure and prevent split ends, all while making your hair smooth and shiny. The use of rice protein as an ingredient will not only help stop hair breakage, but it will also prevent it as well, ensuring your hair remains healthy and strong. It works as a deep conditioner for curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair and everything in between. Specially formulated with a blend of hydrating ingredients, this leave in will nourish your scalp and work as a sun and heat protectant for your hair. Designed for men, women and kids, you will start seeing results after just one use! UV protectant and free of colorants.If you have dry or damaged hair, using Kleravitex 18 leave-in conditioner is the best option for you. It provides intense moisture to your hair and makes them even stronger. .Kleravitex leave-in conditioner is the best hair care product available in the market for detangling your unruly and knotted hair.It contains ingredients that smoothen your hair and gives them shiny look. If your hair or scalp become exposed to sulfate, they become weaker and susceptible to damage. enough of sulfate in your hair and scalp may cause problems like split ends and hair fall. But when you use our sulfate-free leave in hair conditioner, you will be surprised at how your hair will become stronger, smoother, shinier, softer and healthier. They will also become glossy! Benefits: 1.Healthy Hair 2.Fixes Hair Breakage 3.Treats Split Ends 4.Anti-frizz 5.Improves Hair Growth 6.Strengthens and Restores Damaged Hair 7.Gives Hair Shine & Volume 8.Increases Hair Thickness ADD TO CART
  • LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: Daily hair product detangler bottle for curly, natural, treated or colored hair. Provides exceptional hair shine, silkiness and softness for men, women and kids.it provides extra moisture to the hair, protects them from damage and helps detangle the strands.it is very effective on all hair types but you will find it even more useful if you have damaged, dry or frizzy hair.
  • FRIZZ CONTROL AND HAIR PROTECTANT: - Contains vegetable DNA to help repair split ends and prevent breakage, as well as acts as a moisturizer leaving hair smooth and hydrated. Sun protectant and sulfate free. Safe to use on treated, keratin or dyed hair.It helps combat frizziness by adding moisture to the hair and also helps to smooth them out.you can say goodbye to frizz and untamed hair. your hair will be left shiny, soft, and beautiful after using kleravitex hair conditioner.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES & NEEDS: From curly, to wavy, straight and everything in between, our leave in conditioner detangler formula is designed to enhance and restore your hair's natural body.Applying Kleravitex leave-in conditioner and combing it into the lengths of your hair will help your hair appear healthier and more defined without any frizz.Take it with you whenever you travel to make sure your hair always looks its best!
  • EASY TO USE: Apply on dry or wet hair and comb through using a soft brush, wide-tooth comb or fingers to feel your hair detangled.Spread it evenly on the ends of your hair.For women with long hair, spread it from chin level through the ends of your hair to work in the conditioner.Don't rise after. Safe to use before styling hair with hot tools.
  • SALON QUALITY: In addition to supplying moisture and strength to the hair, this deep conditioner will also provide more shine, more hair volume, hair growth, eliminate frizz and it will help sustain your hair until your next wash day.Use with other Kleravitex milk hair styling products and conditioners to give your hair the care it deserves.
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