Mystic Complex Vital Ampoules For Hair Loss and Thinning - Regrowth Treatment With Biotin Bio-Complex and Tocopherol (Pk.10)

Mystic Complex Vital Ampoules For Hair Loss and Thinning - Regrowth Treatment With Biotin Bio-Complex and Tocopherol Pk.10 (each ampoule is 0.16 fl oz.) - Ampollas Para La Caida Del Cabello
Over-processed damaged hair, brittle and falling out in handfuls, with no hair growth. A conditioner or shampoo (even most expensive ones) will not be enough to help this situation. You will need a very intensive repair, our mystic complex vital hair ampoule treatment is perfect for you as it’s a remedy for thinning, baldness and damaged hair.It improves hair health, manageability and elasticity while providing stronger hair.It is an perfect alternative for masks and conditioners, and an advanced treatment for healthy and thicker hair. Each ampoule contains just the right amount of treatment for one’s use and your hair will be transformed from damaged and dull to shinier, healthier and more vibrant looking.It prevents hair loss, enhances the structure of hair and promotes hair growth.

Amazing Product to Stop and Control Hair Loss Perfect For Thinning and Baldness. Rejuvenates The Follicles & Strengthens The Hair.

Ampollas Para La Caida del Cabello. Tratamiento para Parar y Controlar la Caida Del Cabello.

Formulated a With Panthenol, Bio-Complex, Trichogen and Vitamin E., this revolutionary treatment prevents the active hair loss caused by the environment and Stress.

It’s recommended to use one ampoule per day on a period of ten days and to keep using the anti-loss shampoo for better results.

Provides Nutrients to Hair Follicle.

Shake the content of the vial vigorously to allow the active ingredients mix. Apply one vial over the hair with a gentle massage into the scalp. DO NOT RINSE OUT. This treatment should be used for 10 consecutive days without interruption.


  • FOR LONG, STRONG AND LUSCIOUS HAIR: This hair loss treatment will not only stop your hair from falling, but it will also help it grow and become healthier. In other words, the hair growth serum will help your hair grow faster and it will make it stronger, softer and shinier. So do you want to get the hair of your dreams? Whether you want to fight your baldness, alopecia, thinning hair or dandruff, this natural hair growth serum is the answer!
  • DO YOU SUFFER FROM HAIR LOSS? You’re not alone. Many men and women all around the world have hair loss problems, but thankfully Kleravitex has a miraculous solution for you! This potent anti-hair loss lotion will fight your hair loss, strengthen your thinning hair and rejuvenate your follicles, so that they can start growing new hair. With regular use, you will notice that there will be less and less hair falling out when you brush it or wash it
  • PREVENTS HAIR THINNING: Mystic complex vital hair ampoule is an advanced treatment for preventing and controlling hair loss or thinning. Formulated with clinically proven ingredients such as Panthenol, Bio-Complex, Trichogen and Vitamin E, it targets damage and cracks in the capillary strand, fills them completely and restores damaged hair. this hair treatment for men and women, gives the hair follicles nutrients that they lack which translate into the weak hair regaining their strength.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This hair ampoule treatment is effective on all types of hair, whether you need treatment for overprocessed damaged hair or regular curly hair. it is made for every hair type and its incredibly effective in giving essential nutrients and vitamins to your hair which help them grow healthy and strong. our complex vital hair treatment is suited for anyone who wants to prevent hair loss or thin hair to get more thicker and stronger hair.
  • REJUVENATES YOUR HAIR: Severely damaged hair are reborn with strength and flexibility when you use Kleravitex mystic vital hair ampoule treatment for your hair.It hydrates, nourishes, regenerates and strengthens hair, controlling hair loss and leaving your hair rejuvenated which results in hydrated healthy appearing hair. It is also very effective in strengthening element of hair follicle.Thus, using them makes your hair roots much stronger and gives exceptional shiny look to them.