Mystic Thermo Active Hair Ampoule

Mystic Thermo Active Hair Ampoule – Thermal Hair Repair Anti-Frizz Treatment – With Silicones and Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Pack 7 ampoules. ( 0.16 Fl. Oz Each Ampoule) Over-processed damaged hair, brittle and falling out in handfuls, with no hair growth. A conditioner or shampoo (even most expensive ones) will not be enough to help this situation. You will need a very intensive repair, this thermal hair ampoule treatment is perfect for you as it’s a remedy for thinning, weak and damaged hair.It improves hair health, manageability and elasticity while giving them a beautiful shine.It is an perfect alternative for masks and conditioners, and an advanced treatment for healthy and thicker hair.Once a week when you are washing your hair, after using a shampoo instead of using your usual conditioner, apply the our ampoule to damp hair, cover it all the way from root to tip. Each ampoule contains just the right amount of treatment for one’s use and your hair will be transformed from damaged and dull to shinier, healthier and more vibrant looking.Use a blow dryer for even better results.Effective on all hair types.It prevents hair loss, enhances the structure of hair and promotes hair growth. Kleravitex Mystic Thermo Active Hair Ampoule – Thermal Hair Repair Treatment – With Silicones and Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is the most powerful and advanced hair repairer and restorer on the market.Contains different types of silicon and tocopherol, which combined repair, give shine and untangle the hair while blow drying it.Reestructurador Termico Capilar A Base de Siliconas y Vitamina E.Reparan Desenredan y Aportan Brillo Excepcional. Uso de Blow Dryers es Necesario How To Use:Apply one ampoule over clean damp hair, massage product into hair and proceed to blow dry.Use of blow dryer is recommended for excellent resultsBenefits: 1.Healthy Hair 2.Fixes Hair Breakage 3.Treats Split Ends 4.Anti-frizz 5.Improves Hair Growth
  • ADVANCED THERMAL HAIR TREATMENT: Mystic thermo active hair ampoule is an advanced treatment for hair loss, it 3 stimulate hair growth, strength and density. It is effective on all types of hair loss problems.These thermal hair restorer made with silicones and vitamin e ( tocopherol ) are also very effective in strengthening element of hair follicle. Thus, using them makes your hair roots much stronger and gives exceptional shiny look to them.
  • REPAIRS DAMAGED HAIR: Works deeply to repair hair damaged by sunexposure, chemicals, color and daily pollutants. Formulated with clinically proven ingredients it prevent hair thinning and hair loss. An advanced thermal hair treatment for men and women, which is designed to protect against split ends and heat damage while promoting hair growth.
  • PREVENTS HAIR LOSS: Thermal hair restorer ampoules controls hair loss for both men and women. It is an advanced treatment for boosting hair growth and controling hair loss. These hair ampoules reinforce healthy hair structure and treats hair thinning or premature greying.Incredibly effective in promoting thicker, stronger and healthier hair.Repairs – Untangles – Provides Exceptional Shine To The Hair.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This hair ampoule treatment is effectives on all types of hair, whether you need treatment for overprocessed damaged hair or regular curly hair.with a delicate Ph balance that is made for every hair type, our thermal hair treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to repair or simply grow their hair more thicker, softer and shinier.
  • RESTORES & STRENGTHENS: Severely damaged hair are reborn with strength and flexibility when you use Kleravitex hair ampoule treatment for your also helps to shield your hair from the damages caused by heat styling. This hair treatment prevents hair loss, reverses it while strengthening your hair resulting in healthier and shinier hair.
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