Mystic Thermo Ionic Anti Frizz Capillary Treatment Mask 35.27 Oz

Kleravitex Thermo Ionic Anti-Frizz Capillary Treatment Mask 35.27 Oz - Ionic Hair Treatment Mask For Straighter Frizz Free Smooth & Silky Hair! The negative ions of this ionic hair treatment neutralize the positive ones and the end result is frizz free smooth hair. This hair mask treatment is suited to both straight and curly hair. The deep moisturizing effect locks in moisture and eliminates frizz. Mystic ionic hair mask is specially formulated to control frizz and smooth-en the hair. the hydrating ingredients of this mask, help strengthen your hair, while also boosting smoothness and shine.It flattens and tightens the cuticle. Gives your hair shine, reduce frizz, and enhance your natural texture. Ionic hair repair treatment helps repair, restructure and prevent split ends, all while making your hair smooth and shiny. ensures your hair remain healthy and strong. it works as a deep deep moisturizer for curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair and everything in between.Mystic ionic hair treatment mask is the best hair care product available in the market for detangling your unruly and knotted hair. Gives you perfectly straight, conditioned and gorgeous hair!Its composed of with active Japanese minerals known as "Natural Mineral Complex"These minerals release ions that activate water molecules , enhancing its penetration into the capillary cuticle for a deeper moisturizing effect.Its conditioning effect eliminates the frizz and static for extra silkiness and shine.Benefits:1.Healthy Hair2.Boosts Hair Smoothness3.Controls and Eliminates frizz4.Promotes Shine5.Restores Damaged Hair6.Enhances straightness or curlsADD TO CART
  • IONIC ANTI FRIZZ HAIR MASK: Its composed of active Japanese minerals known as "Natural Mineral Complex" helps combat frizziness by adding moisture to the hair and also helps to smooth them can say goodbye to frizz and untamed hair. your hair will be left shiny, soft, and beautiful after using mystic ionic hair is very effective on all hair types but you will find it even more useful if you have damaged, dry or frizzy hair.
  • BOOSTS HAIR SMOOTHNESS: The anti-frizz effect of ionic hair mask also helps improve the smoothness of your hair. creates the appearance of sleek and polished provides extra moisture to the hair, protects them from damage and helps detangle the strands. repairs split ends and prevent breakage with our mystic ionic hair treatment, which also acts as a moisturizer leaving hair smooth and hydrated.
  • REDUCES TANGLES: Makes your hair smooth and sleek, which means they are less likely to tangle or knot. The detangling effect of ionic hair treatment make your hair easier to comb, style and manage. From curly, to wavy, straight and everything in between, our hair treatment mask formula is designed to enhance and restore your hair's natural integrity. Applying it regularly will help your hair appear more defined without any frizz.
  • ENHANCES STRAIGHTNESS OR CURLS: This ionic hair treatment mask is formulated to smooth and straighten your hair. It helps taming frizz and flyaways. It is designed to straighten frizzy or curly hair, the smoothing effect of this ionic treatment makes it a great option for straightening hair. also helps reducing breakage while maintaining the natural bounce of your curls.
  • MOISTURIZING EFFECT: These minerals release ions that activate water molecules, enhancing its penetration into the capillary cuticle for a deeper moisturizing effect. In addition to supplying moisture and strength to the hair, this deep moisturizing treatment will provide more hair volume, more shine, hair growth, eliminate frizz and it will also help sustain your hair until your next wash day.